Sunday, September 2, 2012

Let's Get the Camera Rolling

Has it really been three (3) months since I last made a post?   A lot has been happening in my personal life, but not so much in my photographic; I have not been making as many images as I should and perhaps my eye has dulled as a result.

I have taken a few photos this summer so I will try to start posting more regularly again.

So let's get the posts rolling with this portrait:


This photo features Dane of The Smoove Sailors and was taken at the Impossible Project during the NYC Film Photography Project meetup 2012.

Later, Dane smooved it up with an awesome mini set with the rest of the band.

I used the Polaroid Land 100 with the Portrait Lens Kit and Fuji FP-3000B film.  The grindy borders are the result of the negative being scanned.

Yes, you can scan the negative image!  I think the effect rocks and looks much better than a scan of the positive print.  You will definitely have to tweak the contrast levels, but that is about the only adjustment you will have to make.  Just make sure the negative is dry before you scan. 

I also highly recommend the portrait kit because you get get much tighter shots of folks with this accessory instead of being limited to a close focus range of a seemingly infinite 5 feet.  Be mindful of the adjustment you will have to make to your composition due to getting closer to your subject.  Parallax is a mother...

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