Saturday, December 29, 2012

For Squatters

For about a week after Hurricane Sandy hit, I was without power and work had been cancelled.  My mother got power back within a few days so I went and stayed at her house. There was not much to do so I walked around for miles and miles and took photographs of post-Sandy Yonkers. 

During my wanderings I happened upon this broken toilet under a bridge (which looked as if someone lived there) and framed it with some graffiti in the background. 

For Squatters:

For Squatters

Rolleiflex Automat
Zeiss Tessar f/3.5
Kodak Tri-X

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Friday, December 28, 2012

Dress Like You Are Going To Work

Tomorrow is my Christmas gift from my best bud and I do not know what it is exactly. I have a feeling it is a play or classical music concert because he said I should dress like I go to work (shirt, tie, etc.). 


 Anton and Invention
Anton and Invention

A little backstory on the photo (pulled from my Flickr stream):

I knocked over my entire basket of paperclips in the crevice between the desk and wall in my office at work. There was no possibility of my arm being long enough to reach the multitude of strewn about metallic paperclips. I thought for a moment and devised a tool to help me retrieve all of the precious supplies which was made of many extra large rubber bands, two ovoid promotional magnets, and a stick of hard candy. It worked like a charm.

I asked my coworker, Jessica, to take a picture of me with my invention in a victorious pose.

Yes, the patent is pending.

So now I am visualizing an outfit for tomorrow.

Photography has really helped me figure out how to dress.  I have found that understanding colors, textures, patterns, which is essential in photography, is also essential if you want to look your best. 

Not everything carries over repetition of patterns.  In photography you might want to look for a pattern that repeats itself three or more times, but that does not really work on a person.  I recommend you not be the guy who wears a striped shirt, striped pants, and striped tie.  I would typically say similar patterns should not be used more than twice, which often does not work in photography.  Notice how I weaseled out of making these statements absolute; really, they are guidelines.  The world is not so black and white :-)

Holga 120N
Kodak Tri-X
Bentley W-14 flash unit