Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Avengers Dress-Up


For those of you who have not seen The Avengers (are there any people left who have not seen it?) you are missing a great popcorn flick. While not a great movie, it certainly is a fun film and therein lies its merit. 

I was surprised by how much I liked it - my fear of an unfocused vision was unrealized by the director in a deft display of...direction. 

Hulk stole the show. Captain America and Thor and Loki were really good. Hawkeye was meh. Iron Man felt forced. Black Widow was wooden. 

Anyway, the above shot was taken at Sakura Matsuri 2012 at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden before The Avengers was released. Amazing costume. The unfortunate thing is that the chrome film shifted and thus the yellowish hue of the image. Maybe I will cross process my other roll since they should have expired around the same time. 

Bronica SQ-A 
80mm Zenzanon PS f/2.8 
Lomo X-Pro 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Turning People Down


This is one of the few pictures I was able to get where no one else is in the background, thus image is stronger because the focus is solely on her without any distracting element.

I approached this girl and asked if I could take a picture.  She and her friend started getting ready to pose, but I said in the least possible offensive way "I am sorry, but I meant her alone."  The friend understood and helped this girl prep for the picture by adjusting the bow and flower.

This girl was spectacular and considering that I only can take 12 images on a roll of film I need to be very selective.  I knew what I wanted and made it happen. 
I am really curious about her real hair.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Parasol? and Prints


Sakura Matsuri 2012
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Bronica SQ-A
80mm Zenzanon PS f/2.8
Fuji Velvia 100F

I really dig this image as radiance emanates from this girl's smile.  I am not sure if her accessory is exactly a parasol, but she was using it as a shade from the sun.  

Beautiful kimono as well.

I got great shot after great shot at this Sakura Matsuri and it must have to do with my attitude and demeanor.  A big honest smile and a little banter will go much farther with the subject than creeping about with a camera all clandestine-like.  Get close and let all of the other photographers wait a second to make that extraordinary person feel a little more special.  Sell off your zooms!

The Bronica also helps break the ice, I think - it is a funky, but toothsome camera.

In other news - I just dropped some cash on printing photos that I have always wanted to have printed.

Finally, the bare walls in my office will be spruced up with awesomeness.

flickr photos

Sunday, May 6, 2012

This is Naruto...Leave a Message [Dattebayo]


Sakura Matsuri 2012
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Bronica SQ-A
Fuji Velvia 100F

I saw this character use the phone and rushed over to take a picture because I like the idea of a person in elaborate costume doing normally mundane things, thus making the mundane extraordinary.

He got off the phone before I could make a shot and another photographer took a regular shot, but I asked if he could pretend like he was on the phone.

Though a little quizzical, he agreed, and got on the phone and gave an intense pose like he was talking about something super important.  It really added to the image and I thanked him for playing along.

The other photographer mentioned that he was specifically waiting for the guy to get off the phone.

An unrelated story to the image: there were so many photographers at the Sakura Matsuri and naturally, most shot digital.  There were a few film-o-philes on hand shooting 35mm.  One other guy had a medium format camera - perhaps a Mamiya RZ or RB 67 - so I tipped my Bronica to him and the amazing thing is that his face expressed that he completely understood everything I said without saying a word.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Free Fix to a $100+ Problem and Ancestors

Before Saturday (Sakura Matsuri) I had not used my Bronica SQ-A in months and months because there was a wretched light leak that was for the longest of times unidentifiable.

I took the camera to my hook ups at Lens and Repro to see if they could figure out where it was coming from and come up with a solution for me.  The resident repairman looked and identified the source most likely, but  told me he did not have the necessary parts to fix the camera and it might be best if I were to just buy a new back. 

Surprisingly the 120 back on this model is hard to come by.  And when found the price is moderately staggering: $120-$150.  Disgusting.

A 220 back can be had for $25 cuz 220 is hardly made any mo'. 

So instead of shelling out a fat wad I took matters into my own hands in the truest of true DYI methods: electric tape the bastard.

Taking a page from my Holga modification, all I did was tape over the possible light leaks and voila - problem solved.

Today I present an image that most reminds me of images that might go on the mantle or family shrine in a Japanese home:

Bronica SQ-A
80mm Zenzanon PS f/2.8
Fuji Velvia 100F
From the Sakura Matsuri festival in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

What I like about this image is the somber, serious, and happy mood it invokes, at least in me.

I know this one picture is bit more serious than the one in my last post, and people will generally not like it as much, but I really enjoy it.

So Many Photos!

I have so many photos to upload onto flickr from the 2012 Sakura Matsuri festival that went on at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden that there will be no dearth in upcoming entries.

For now, enjoy a small taste of what is to come:


Bronica SQ-A
80mm Zenzanon PS
Fuji Velvia 100F

flickr photos