Sunday, March 7, 2010

Photography Project

I am taking part in a photography project. A few disposable cameras were mailed across the country and each participant is allowed to take 9 photographs each before mailing it on to the next person. This is exactly the sort of thing I have wanted to do for a long while and it will kick my creative juices up a notch due to my incessant nature to do my best.

I will upload what I think are the best shots once all is said, done, and developed.

My iTunes has been playing nothing but awesome songs this morning. Playing right now is a song called "Hands All Over" by Soundgarden off of their LOUDER THAN LOVE album. What a great album that is, by the way. If you want to see a very different Soundgarden from the band who did "Black Hole Sun", I highly recommend checking this one out. Recently the band has gotten back together, which I have mixed feelings about, but I will certainly check out their new output.

I have begun using Steve (the Canonet) a little, but that rangefinder patch is not exactly the easiest to use being somewhat uncontrasty. Perhaps I need to spend a little more time with the camera to get more used to it. All said, I am really excited to see the results and how well the lens writes with light.

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