Sunday, April 17, 2011

Film Photography Podcast Meetup

Film Photography Podcast NYC Meet-Up 2011
Shot by Michael Raso of the Film Photography Podcast

Weeks and weeks of anticipation led to a culmination of awesomeness on April 16, 2011, which shall be eternally known as the greatest day in podcast history. Yes, the greatest. A number of listeners of the Film Photography Podcast and the host, Michael Raso, gathered in Madison Square Park to venture around the east and west sides of Manhattan on an epic quest to explore the city, make friends, and take pictures.

At the onset of the day, while waiting for all of the attendees, those already at the park shared their cameras and lenses fondly talking about their history and feature highlights. Numerous people were surprised by the large size of the Olympus OM-1s viewfinder in such a small camera. One person even approached me after hearing about it from others! It may have convinced one or two people to check out the Oly system.

As mentioned earlier, I rocked the Olympus OM-1 that day (an entirely manual camera) and while I had an absolutely fantastic time, the rapid pace of the day was not conducive to my typically slow approach to photography. I certainly know I need to work on making decisions quicker (in regards to composition and exposure) in manual mode, otherwise, how could I be a good street shooter? The OM-1 should let me do this quicker because I have access to the aperture and shutter speed with the same hand in nearly the same location, but I need to get more used to the handling. Only practice will allow me to achieve this goal.

Anyway, here are some more images from the day:

A shot of me by Antonio Álvarez

Group shot by Mat Marrash:
FPP Meetup group shot @ Impossible

Here is the set of my photographs from the day:
FPP Meetup 4/16/11

The most enjoyable aspect of the day was meeting all these people who share a love for film photography. Hopefully I can go out shooting with some of them in the future.

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Monday, April 4, 2011

LEGO 4x5 Camera

This is pretty damn cool:

LEGO 4x5

This really makes me want to build my own camera. Maybe a pinhole...

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