Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cherry Trees Are Not At Their Peak

Unfortunately the OM-10 (Fred) does not seem to function as properly as it should. It does not meter correctly (about one stop off) and the shutter does not fire as it should when it is in the "on" position. Unusually the shutter seems to fire when the camera is off for the correct amount of time. I do not know if this is a quirk of the camera or if this is how it is supposed to function. Another look at the manual will help me out on this point.

Today I went to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and had a hard time believing how many people were roaming around with digital SLRs (mostly Nikon). I did see one person rocking a Pentax K1000 and another with a Diana. With all the people about (hoping to catch glimpses at the blooming cherry trees) and the oversaturation of photographers, I was not really feeling the mood, though I do hope a few of my shots of Sara will come out nicely.

Dinner smells good, so I will have to wrap this entry up for now. I will probably have some pictures for next time.

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