Monday, May 31, 2010

In Gear

I finished a roll of chrome film yesterday which was taking me forever to shoot. I think part of it was the 100 ASA. With such speed I am limited pretty much to outdoor use or studio use if I have continuous hot lights (which I do not possess). Flash photography would be a failure as previous attempts have (thus far) instructed me.

It has been a while since my last post; no excuses. I really should keep this more regular as it would be a good exercise to continue my writing. I feel that it has digressed to a simplistic communication on a surface level while using painfully boring sentence structures.

I should not let only my pictures express my thoughts and feelings, I need to spread well into other mediums. How will I be able to finish the novel my friend and I have been writing for about two years or so to my satisfaction? I need to get moving - in general. Too many things are undone. This blog is an easy step in the right direction.

Anyway, I will drop off the film tomorrow and possibly even pick it up and scan the same day. I am pretty excited about receiving the slides back - I will see instantly how well my craft is progressing in regards to vision and technicality. There is no wiggle room for mistakes with slide as you are allowed with negative. A big benefit to these slides is that they will scan a whole lot faster because slides are the recording of the colors in a similar way that we see the world. Negatives slow up the computer because of all the inverse calculational programs that need to run. I will also need to see if they will knock off a few bucks if I ask them to process only. I do not need the lab to mount each an every one of the strips of film.

I also need to finish up a roll that has been sitting in my tiny Perkeo I. What a great little camera that can give me a medium format image. I still need to see what kind of results I can obtain from it as no pictures have been developed yet. I hope excellent.

Look for pictures in the near future.


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